Are you looking to get as close as factory finish on your doors, fences, railings, etc?Electrostatic Painting is an advanced paint process which utilizes electrostatic charges through a specifically designed paint machine for that exact reason.

This process allows us to repaint any substrate, that has the capability to receive an electrostatic charge, with minimal overspray and provides a factory-like finish to without ever leaving the clients property.

How it Works

Electrostatic painting is a paint process that atomizes and statically charges the specially made paint with a direct current of about 100,000 volts. The equipment we use is from a manufacturer who has been in business manufacturing electrostatic paint equipment for over 50 years. Our machinery has wiring connected to it, outfitted by the manufacturer, to be ground to the metal that is to be painted.

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Our Services

At Orlando Electrostatic Painting, we use the advancement in electrostatic technology to provide your community, shopping center, hotel, theme park etc. with convenient, affordable (in comparison to replacement), reliable, and minimally invasive option which will allow your fixtures and equipment to look newer than any other process on currently on the market.

Ready, to electrify your community!

Electrostatic Painting

Close to factory finish without the factory

Electric Gates
Electric Gates

Entrance / Exit gates can be costly and disruptive to repaint or to powder coat.  This is literally the gate keeper to your home, neighborhood, hotel, etc. and it should be as beautiful as possible with minimal interruption of use.  Electrostatic allows for minimal interruption with a like-new from the factory finish.

Electrostatic Railings

All properties have railings.  It is either due to construction code guidelines, to protect a specific piece of property, or just to help individuals walking.  Handrails receive lots of foreign bodies on them (e.g. bug debris, oils from hands, spilt drinks, etc.) which makes the coating disenegrate faster.  A lot of times companies will have their maintenance crews repaint them just to keep them up-to-date.  The problem with that is you can see brush/roller marks or the paint is not to the standard of an electrostatic / hvlp paint.  If you electrostatic paint your rails they will look like new and last longer in between repaints.

Electrostatic Doors
Metal Window/Door Framing

How often do you notice doors and window frames on a hotel property, theme park, shopping center, home, etc. and say to yourself, "man those doors are really banged up".  Generally, with all the hand traffic doors see on a daily bases they go from great condition to less than average within months.  Damage can be due to customer's shoes acciedentlly kicking the bottom of the door, keys in someone's hands scratching the door, belt loop, skateboarders, etc.  Generally the fix is to just through paint from a maintenance superintendant that does not understand what are the appropriate process and products to repair or repaint the door.  Electrostatic painting is a good option, however, somtimes you cannot get a great ground connection knowing the alternative process and products to use can make all the difference in the world for a great repair.

Light Posts

Driving through many neighborhoods, entry pathways up to hotels, walking through theme parks, and parking lots you can notice many light posts are faded.  Light posts can be very expensive to replace as their is a removal process, an electrician needs to be involved, and reinstallment and set-up process.  This can be costly in replacement costs and with your valuable time.  Light posts fade quickly because they are generally not around tree coverage or if they are they are not receiving enough sunshine.  The sunshine helps kill mold, algae, mildew, etc, however, it also can fade the paint very quickly.  Painting a light post with electrostatic paint can be an initial upfront cost, however, it is less costly than replacement most of the time.  Also we use great products that can withstand the elements better than other paints on the market. 

Roller Coasters
Roller Coasters

Electrostatic Painting roller coasters is not an everyday reoccurence for Orlando Electrostatic Painting, however, it is something  we do offer.  Many theme parks have to send their products out to be repowder coated which takes lots of cash.  There is shipping/delivery of heavy items, going only to specific factories that can fit the theme parks coasters in their machinery, and then hoping the result is acceptable.  Electrostatic painting can be done on-site or in a companies large maintenance warehouses. This process provides a more than acceptable repaint result, reduces (maybe even eliminates) shipping / delivery costs, and allows for more oversight of the final product.

Electrostatic Painting Railings


OEP wants to bring our clients a superior option of repainting. Generally, clients traditional options are to repaint items such as fencing, light posts, entrance/exit gates, door framing, roller coasters with a brush/roll method. Then after, what our clients feel to be a reasonable amount of time they purchase a new one or throw the old one away. With electrostatic painting we can repaint on-site and provide a like new factory finish."

Electrostatic Painting

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